Firefighters Save a Patient From Drowning
By Engineer Christy Bumgarner
February 22, 2023

On February 15th 2023, the St. Stephens Fire Department and Catawba County EMS were dispatched by Catawba County E-911 for a male patient that had fallen off of his lake dock and was in the water. Upon arrival a male patient was found in approximately 12’ of water with a temperature of 52 degrees clinging to a pole. After donning personal flotation devices, incident command determined the best method of rescue was to have firefighters enter the water. Firefighters gained access to the patient and placed a personal flotation device on him and removed him from the water in under 4 minutes. The patient was turned over to Catawba County EMS for care and the firefighters were treated and released on scene.
Pictured: Conor Scott, Casey Shell, Troy Scott and Dustin Howell.